This is a two level dependent car parking system; where one car is parked on the ground level and one on the platform.(first level).The car on the ground level need to be moved out before parking/removing the car on the raised platform.


  • Silent operation
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Design for quick installation and dismantle
  • Hot dipped galvanized floor pallets to reduce dead weight and increase durability
  • Limit switch with adjustable position to prevent damage to the car on the pallet
  • Electromagnetic locking mechanism from start to end at each position
  • Remote switch box with keys/push button for easy operation
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ModlesLenght (L)Width (W)Height (H)H1H2Car Category
TPS S40002300340017001600Small Cars
TPS M40002500360018001700Med Sized Sedan
TPS B45002700400020001900Largs car / SUV’s
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General specification

  • Fully hydraulic based system
  • Load capacity 2000Kg
  • Standard dimension for the unit is L 4000 X W 2500 X H 3400
  • Very less power consumption (1.5kw./2HP)
  • Lifting time 35-45 sec
  • Key operated to prevent unauthorized use
  • Totally enclosed Compact Power pack system
  • Imported Quality hydraulic valve to operate the system
  • 24v DC. Control circuit is used to prevent any electrical shock
  • Heavy fabricated structural work for long life
  • Double coated Painted structural items
  • Emergency Shutdown switch
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