Gear Pump

THPL offers the widest range of gear pump products in the industry but itis above all our ability to provide value-added solutions that differentiates us fromother suppliers. DISPLACEMENT 1cc/revto100 cc/revPressure Upto 160 BARFRAME SIZE 1A, 2A, 3A STAGESUPTO 4 STAGE
MODEL : SGP SIZE : 1Lpm to 250 Lpm

T.Gear Pump

We have a unique understanding of the capabilities of gear pumps that enable us to go beyond traditional limits tomeet specific applicationneeds. 4000 PSI series is Specially developed for those customer who have hi pressure application. These series have unique characteristic Which one make him different from other gear pump which is already available in market. in market these series known as VGP
MODEL : VGP SIZE : 6 Lmp to 100 Lpm

Radial Piston Motors

TMDG Series:- TMDG1, TMDG-2, TMDG-3, TMDG-6, TMDG-11,TMDG-16,TMDG-31 Displacement:- 125cc/rev to3500cc/rev This motor is equivalent to SAI – GM series and IntermotNHMseries

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